The World’s Smartest Gameplay Recorder

Gaming's best moments deserve to be seen. The free client makes capturing and sharing your top plays ridiculously easy.

Smart Video Capture

Recording begins automatically as you start your game. Everything that’s important to you – webcam, mic, mouse clicks – can be captured with virtually no impact on system performance or hard drive space.

Smart Highlights

Only identifies your best moments in League of Legends and CS:GO so that you can replay and share them immediately following game.

League of Legends

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Rocket League


Every Kill, Death, Assist – Bookmarked

The client tracks the in-game action and automatically bookmarks every key moment on your video timeline

Select a bookmark to instantly share a single highlight, or select multiple bookmarks to create a highlight reel.

Optimized for League of Legends

  • Automatic tagging (e.g. pentakill), including summoner names in each match
  • Automatic tagging for events and matches
  • Syncs with your League friends to find them on

Smart Editing and Sharing

Edit…or don't. Your best moments are bookmarked and ready to share as soon as your game is over, no editing necessary. And you can choose multiple bookmarks to create a highlight reel in seconds.

Upload to and we’ll automatically add relevant hashtags. Then share to Reddit, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter with a single click.

Lightweight and Resource Efficient

Save your gameplay and save your framerate. The client is designed to have virtually no impact on your system performance.

  • Hardware-accelerated video encoding
  • Hyper-optimized software encoding for those with older PC’s
  • Advanced video compression to minimize file size and upload time
  • Automatically deletes older videos to conserve HD space

Not Just the Best Way to Share, the Best Place to Share

With the website and community you can:

  • Showcase your favorite clips on your profile
  • Call out friends via hashtags, @ mentions, and comments
  • Follow a growing roster of pro and celebrity gamers
  • See exclusive POV videos from major esports competitions