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    May 12 2016 in League of Legends
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    In this video: Caenen, luminotic less
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    CaenenSion jumping the Great Wall of Azir #sion #azir #ult #gameplay #howto #specific #tipsandtricks

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        mugosorry, you are all wrong. sion is not interupted by azirs wall only on the begininig, because he canot recive CC. you can do the same by ulting an olaf with his ult on. sorry for bad english

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        Caenen@mugo But as you can see in the 3rd clip, if you do not cancel the ult manually you'll just collide with it. Sion's leap when his ult ends (after 8 sec or when you press R again) has to be used to cross Azir's wall just like any other player-made terrain, the "CC-immunity" just makes sure your dash doesn't get interruped by the sodiers once you are on top of the wall.

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        mugoyeah, on the 3rd clip. it says: cannot be disabled. this is from his ult, not the leap. try ulting him as he is passing trough the azir. maybe im wrong. not an specialyst haha

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