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    BouncingDonutLucio Doing Lucio Things

    Overwatch• posted Jul 13 2016
    • BouncingDonut's comment avatar

      BouncingDonut@BlazePlayz I mean this is all wrong but okay, First at 7seconds in I would of died if I was on speed the entire time. and when I speed in and ulted if I stayed on speed rein would of died, Also he was not "mostly healed" Having a Critical sign over him tells me otherwise. And let me get this straight you want me to stop healing so our second Hea-Ohhh wait I was solo healing. My Team is Phara, Solider:76,Zaraya,Reinhardt,Solider:77 and me as Lucio. So if your going to criticize me at least know the game well enough to tell apart my team

    • BlazePlayz's comment avatar

      BlazePlayz@BouncingDonut Didn't realise you were solo healing, most comps have 2 healers, how could i tell there wasn't another healer from a 30 sec clip, plus i didn't say you should've been on speed when rein was on critical, i said in between 17 and 29 seconds, which is when you weren't healing anyone much, rein hit critical at about 29 secs which is when i said you were doing the right thing by staying on healing, simple misunderstanding, sorry if i seem rude.

    • Shezhorizon's comment avatar

      Shezhorizon@Bouncing dont mind youre right you took any chance you get and you'd try the best you were able to do

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