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    MaterialDeerI hope my opponents brought along some lozenges, since by the end of the match I'm sure they were a bit #horse. #eSports #horsepun @GreaterUrsus @TheUnkownSun @TheTruePandaKing

    Battlefield 1• posted Sep 1 2016
    • Juice805's comment avatar

      Juice805Nice man, I gotta start trying some vehicles, just clearing with sniper is so fun

    • MaterialDeer's comment avatar

      MaterialDeer@Juice805 I agree! I feel the game has a lot of different outlets to have fun with. I just decided to use this horse of death for a bit of the game.

    • MrBill28's comment avatar

      MrBill28Horses are fun!-WE should start a Horse squad!:heart_eyes:

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