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    Oct 28 2016 in League of Legends
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    In this video: TSM Bluedevil, SzymciaX, CraZyConTa, Ciaztkowy less
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    Ciaztkowy#alistar #combo The save and clean up

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        Ciaztkowy@xLevas sorry i took a break and didnt see this coment xd Of course uc can! Use every plays if u want to! GL

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        TwistedFeedAwesome video @Ciaztkowy! Can I include this clip in upcoming videos on my new youtube channel (https://goo.gl/RVCZPm)?

      • Ciaztkowy's comment avatar

        Ciaztkowy@TwistedFeed For sure u can! U can use all my plays :p I would enjoy support montage or 'Ciaztkowy support montage XDD Keep it up!

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