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    Feb 23 2017 in Dark Souls III
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    RenozukenSL1 VS Iudex Gundyr - Naked/No items/No Estus/No damage taken/100% Barehanded Parry Fight!

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      HirudoSanguineJust... wauw

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      BouncingDonutWithout the Club in his second phase can you not Front stab him after the parry?

    • Renozuken's comment avatar

      Renozuken@BouncingDonut Yes! To be more precise, you can do that after every parry :). Whenever you land a successful parry, your enemy's attack will be deflected and the enemy will be put in a staggered state, immobilizing it and opens the enemy up for a riposte until it recovers. You can use this window to get in free hits, or riposte the enemy, or even both, as long as long as the enemy has not recovered from its staggered state :). I hope this answers your question sir. GLHF :)!

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