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    Mar 25 in Grand Theft Auto V
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    FinRenegadeAnother long fight (because one can't keep to themself..) -with a bonus twist in middle!

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      FinRenegadeWell.. my 7-6 "victory" was settled by random server-lag(?)-emptying. :sweat_smile: You can bet surtain someone put that in on his ..*ehm* not actually written down report.. even as they do recomment just doing that than sending an "essee" as I did :sweat_smile:

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      FinRenegadeBut yea.. this was my 'till 5 ..and now almsot 8am f'k 'round where I am still in horrid placement of the 'Riddler' ..."too many questions.." :disappointed: Unless R* slaps me on the fingers and tells me what happen I will be in the dark what caused that truck from been destroyed ..I still say him not getting me killed was him just been THAT bad :zipper_mouth:

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      FinRenegade:sleeping: But now.. damn.. sleep.. :v: :middle_finger: :point_right: -as TJ would say.

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