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    RokorinAlright fine I'll try this stupid gun maybe I'll hit som- *start screaming too much for mic to handle.*

    • GuillaumeGamology's comment avatar

      GuillaumeGamologyHello @Rokorin ! ;) That was some marksman skills^^! Can I share your video on our YouTube channel Gamology (for a compilation)? I need your approval. I will credit you of course! :p Thank you and have a nice day!

    • Rokorin's comment avatar

      RokorinThanks @GuillaumeGamology I just checked out your channel and your PUBG video was really well done, I liked it a lot. You can absolutely use this, but I think I have some cooler shots. I'll post them in your submission page under Rokorin but if you'd like to keep to keep them all together I could just post the links here.

    • GuillaumeGamology's comment avatar

      GuillaumeGamologyThank you @Rokorin ! ;) You can post them in the submission page, that would be really nice ! Have a nice day !

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