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    ElectronicDrugthe funniest shit in h1z1 i've experienced

    H1Z1• posted Apr 7 2017
    • ROBO_BITZ's comment avatar

      ROBO_BITZi think one of them sat in the car while you where driving

    • Crusien's comment avatar

      Crusien@3spooky5you :DDDDDDDDD

    • JACKGOB's comment avatar

      JACKGOBHi I run a few large pages on Facebook such as: GameByte (4m) Gamers on Board (2.3m) Gamingvid (1.2m) Videogamemes (1.2m) Crippling Memes (1.3m) Zesty Supreme (1m) Game Memes (1m) Wholesome Memes (950k) Meme Extreme (750k) Gaming TV (****) Gamiverse (130k) and many more. I wanted to know if we could use a clip from this video of yours on one of our pages if we give credit? https://plays.tv/video/58e794deb026b79f34/the-funniest-shit-in-h1z1-ive-experienced?from=user We usually give credit by tagging a Facebook page in the post and linking YouTube as top comment.

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