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    azeric300This is the kind of game that riot supports? i want my LP back/loss prevented because this is dumb.

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      Shyy@rachyrawrful It is a wicked xertah bug. he can sit in fountain if he Q a certain spot it does damage to enemy. Why riot hasnt disabled him yet shows they r shit company

    • boostedleague's comment avatar

      boostedleagueHi, I'm boosted league on youtube. Can I use your play in my video montage? :) I will give you credit

    • leagueofnema_YT's comment avatar

      leagueofnema_YTwow report... Oxford TriGGer can i use your play for my channel "leagueofnema"? ofc i will give credit during video and in the video description :) have a nice day mate!

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