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    Apr 21 2017 in Rocket League
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    K4mOnThenThe 99.9% goal. Closest save ever! With @RokuLaw and @AegisYuzuru #denied

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      MGeDwarfwell you kinda didnt deserve it with 0 kills xD

    • K4mOnThen's comment avatar

      K4mOnThen@MGeDwarf Thats not even relevant to this video...but thanks xD

    • Sapphire_Mirage's comment avatar

      Sapphire_Mirageit wasn't 99.9% really...The ball glitched from the opponent and looked like 99.9% but as you could see the ball goes back to where it was before it got glitched. Therefore I would say it was 93.7% lol just a guesstimate.

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