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    Apr 24 2017 in Overwatch
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    ThereCanB_0nly1If I have to hear this so do you #RandomGuyOntheInternet

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      ThereCanB_0nly1Calls me random man on the internet then asks for link that shows her garbage plays so she can bask in random man on the internet's opinion. The equivalent to a teenager asking R. Kelly to pee on you.

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      ThereCanB_0nly1@Atlashandsx its hilarious that you act like my opinion doesn't matter yet you asked to be my friend asked for the link to the videos of where you talk about nothing constructive to the team during competitive ranked play then you create an account on here saying "Deserving to die" when you as pharah complained about dying because you wanted to do "Pharmacy" but didn't have the means to just say "Hey mercy group up with me so we can do Pharmacy plz" instead all you did was say passive aggressive statements and talked shit about the entire team saying dumb shit like "but like actually" that is not even a sentence structure known to man. You clearly live for other people's approval you even commented on my "sick views" as if I do this for a living which is hilarious because I don't in my profile it literally says "I'm here to play games and let you enjoy some of my proudest or humbling moments in gaming" Humbling meaning including my failures which you clearly cannot own up to.

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