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    May 3 2017 in League of Legends


    as Xerath

    Double Kill

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    Ianburg27camille and Morgana think i do no damge lol. They should had went to spec savers. i was doing most the damge in this game haha.

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      Exterminansthe enemies arent trying to dodge. your xerath is on a good level but dont think you can reach so easy gold with him :) its alot more harder to hit your q and ult out of fights

    • Ianburg27's comment avatar

      Ianburg27thanks :)

    • Assyrianos's comment avatar

      Assyrianosu should def skill ur E once at least, the dmg it does compared to lvl up the W once is higher, u get more DPS more early and the awesome 1h stun

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