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    YaChipsKidHow you gone die Like that? Trash ass

    DayZ• posted Jun 14 2017
    • YaChipsKid's comment avatar

      YaChipsKid@Creativxty they are trying their best to fix desync problems you try making a game as big as dayz, and you say no skill involved how about you go more north and gear up and get into a real fight, the game does take skill you need to lead shots. When I get shot at i have alot of adrenaline flowing through me and when you can control that it makes you already skilled at the game. Beta is coming soon and it will definitely make the game big again

    • Creativxty's comment avatar

      Creativxty@YaChipsKid I played hundred of hours and I was really good at DayZ, the optimisation just sucks ass the game died because Dean Hall sold it and didn't give a fuck about it. They ain't trying shit and the game is never fully going to be released or even fixed.

    • Artik29's comment avatar

      Artik29@YaChipsKid holy shit you are ****

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