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    Jul 10 2017 in Dark Souls III
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    HirudoSanguineYhorm the giant,.... O_o WOW this boss was tought... my hands are shaking >.<....

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      xPXenoyiaThere's an item you can pick up next to the throne where Yhorm sits. The Storm Ruler. It hits for about 1/8th of his HP with every charged attack. Congrats on beating it the hard way though!

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      DeusVult02222nice one dude

    • HirudoSanguine's comment avatar

      HirudoSanguine@xPXenoyia, ow yeah I didn`t know>.<. at first I thought, maybe I should let him destroy the pillars... after that didn`t work I did some running around but couldn`t find anything special. SO I thought just deal with it... this game is HARD >.<.

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