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    ProBeanzWhen you about to bayonet charge someone and the most unlucky guy in the world happens to spawn in the most unluck place in the world LOL

    Battlefield 1• posted Jul 30 2017
    • ProBeanz's comment avatar

      ProBeanz@69gunblade69 haha yea normally it's the other way round though :P

    • GuillaumeGamology's comment avatar

      GuillaumeGamologyHello @ProBeanz ! ;) That was some luck you got there^^! Can I share your video on our YouTube channel Gamology (for a compilation)? I need your approval. I will credit you of course! :p Thank you and have a nice day!

    • ProBeanz's comment avatar

      ProBeanz@GuillaumeGamology Hey bud sorry for the late response, yea you more than welcome to use any of my footage. Thanks a lot!

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