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    Aug 13 2017 in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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    Infility1v3 1 hp 3kills 3bullets done by pro player 1nFiLiTy

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      CSGOGTPDear @Infility , @CSGOGTP would like to use the above-mentioned clip in a future video on the YT channel youtube.com/CSGOGTP If you agree to provide us with permission, please answer us with " @CSGOGTP Permission granted " (copy/paste) By answer us below, You warranty that You have the right to grant US the permission requested herein, and that You hereby provide US with that permission. We appreciate your consideration of our permissions request. Sincerely, Ciprian Cretu, CSGOGTP Owner

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      Infility@CSGOGTP ehm yea sure

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      CSGOGTP@Infility Thanks!

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