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    Sep 16 2017 in League of Legends
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    isaa555#clean 4v5 Solo Q (Gold-Silver elo)

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      isaa555@SynricUNREFORMED other*

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      SynricUNREFORMED@isaa555 they enjoy healing because they are trash and worthless at everything else, they play the role that allows them to drool on themselves while climbing elo. Qtpie, dopa, froggen... so many pros agree with me.

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      isaa555@SynricUNREFORMED so you say even challenger Janna-soraka main are trash???I can say the same about right-clicking it so easy no skill needed to right click, the most brain dead role in the game and the same Qtpie said that so ADC players are trash for right clicking and thinking they doing something special

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