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    xx3if u ignore the cancer sound u can hear me giggle retardedly

    League of Legends• posted Sep 24 2017
    • xx3's comment avatar

      xx3@xXSniper360Xx if your autism brain could understand english you would understand i didnt post it because i caught axes but because it made me laugh

    • xx3's comment avatar

      xx3@xXSniper360Xx i only dropped the last 2 axes after i got a double kill?? LOL

    • Sebbester21's comment avatar

      Sebbester21Nice triple and good bait by getting hooked made jhin kill himself they always forget tarics armor passive its so sad <3 (and to the pleb who thinks that u have to catch those 2 last axes ur a pleb the whole team is dead nearly no need for it especially when u have blue on top of it) :thinking_draven:

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