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    Oct 9 2017 in Overwatch
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    imbadAccused of throwing while carrying the team.

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      TheGamer14this comment section is a perfect example of the ow community under mid platinum :sweat_smile:

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      KIWIo3o@Dargin Doesn't really matter if it's the point of the video, it's throwing a game to do shit like that... it's not "my" ideals, it's a team game, and you choose Mercy, that means you choose to be a damn healer LOL not a "damage dealer." It's shit like this that made so many higher ranks complain about random ass lower ranked Mercy players suddenly hitting Masters/GM because of the SR gain being broken for her for awhile. They hid for rez often and pistoled way too much. Many lower ranked Mercy's have good elimination stats but shitty healing stats, and they're stuck in that rank for a reason.

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      FriendlyPharahThis comment has been removed

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