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    AlphaFoxWhen the combo works as planed

    Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft• posted Oct 20 2017
    • AlphaFox's comment avatar

      AlphaFox@RexZaWarudo so yeah.. to clear things up im at this rank because ive stopped playing for 3 months. i crafted a deck i didnt know how to play properly just for fun because it looked fun. you are right i played it badly but the purpose of this video was just for showing what this deck can do.

    • AlphaFox's comment avatar

      AlphaFox@RexZaWarudo and also i know im not the best player my top rank was 10 but dont go to other people videos to shit talk only while you on the other hand have only 1 video of hs at rank 18.

    • AlphaFox's comment avatar

      AlphaFox@MegaOmega001 thanks mate appreciate your backup there. also non native speaker so have fun laughing your ass off at my comments haha ;)

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