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    Nov 10 2017 in League of Legends
    League of Legends
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    KindlessWelcome to pre season

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      Kindless@iProjectz http://prntscr.com/h8v8oe i went with this but i'm still doing some changes to it, still need to see if comet or the new warlords works better than dark harvest, since dark harvest goes down in powerlevel when the game is not a clown fiesta

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      TomatoKyokoNice job i love dying

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      Beliidry@Kindless yeah same with me :D but it is like u can get stacks with a good farm, in higher elo u will not get the stacks that fast in early like in low elo but u gonna get them I think. If I watch at my last game with Jhin, I didn´t had that much stacks like u and it was just like something around 224 in the 36 min into the game, and if we look at you, with 336 stacks u can see the diffrence. (I am gold 4 btw). So If you think u gonna lose in lane u can take the new warlods (which gives nice ms btw) for your sustain in lane (if u go for dorans u have endless sustain it feels pretty good in a loosing in my opinion). hmm I wanted to say something else but I cant remember ^^" so if you want help or u wanna talk about some jhin stuff we can talk or try to contact me ^^

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