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    Jan 27 2018 in Subnautica
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    RedBull108She's on fireee

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      RedBull108@JoshuaLightbown I was at 3000 meters depth, here i was just going back up and it didn't catch fire. I put the engines on high speed because it took ages, so i guess that's why.

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      sPaAsMHow'd you get it that deep? Was there a bug with the max depth? Also nice job! The only place that goes 3000m down is outside the edge of the map, where 2 ghost leviathans always come at you. Don't know how you didn't die.

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      RedBull108@sPaAsM Yea i think it was the edge of the map because there was just an empty vertical wall. As far as death goes here i was playing sandbox (or how was it called....) exploring around, probably that's why.

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