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    Aug 13 2018 in Osu!
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    bitchfuckerPreserved Valkyria [Necroh] 400combo pass :D @Pae @confucious @MrSqueebles

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      Dyl000Would you say that when you play a difficult song like this that you are more memorizing the patterns and where your mouse needs to be? Or is it you just having incredible reaction times?

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      bitchfucker@Dyl000 Neither lol. I don't have 'incredible reaction times'. The more you play, the better your reading becomes, trust me.

    • bitchfucker's comment avatar

      bitchfucker@Dyl000 Also, as for 'where your mouse needs to be', that comes with muscle memory. Same applies for tablet users. I know because I'm a tablet user :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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