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    Sep 3 2018 in Minecraft
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    MarceLOLHace mucho que no subo algo, así que:

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      iiTzArismaltor_@MarceLOL Almost no one (in Craftersland) ninja bridges with the legit method. Most players just hold down the right click. This method isn't legit. The legit one is when your clicks are timed. It's kinda annoying, when I see someone bridging with the fake method. The other players think he's pro, but he isn't. :v

    • MarceLOL's comment avatar

      MarceLOL@iiTzArismaltor_ how do you know what method do they use :v

    • iiTzArismaltor_'s comment avatar

      iiTzArismaltor_@MarceLOL I don't know :v. However, the legit ninja bridgers are usually very skilled players. So, if you see a nub at PvP, who uses strength, then that probably means that he doesn't use the legit method :v

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