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    Sep 10 2018 in Overwatch
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    CAITLIN@Junijii never gets healed :(

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      SnowManBawb@Junijii so you were frustrated because you pressed x and didnt get healed or asked normally for heals and caitlin got mad?

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      Junijii@SnowManBawb Well, both but mainly the 'x' thing. It'll usually start as the 'x' thing then somehow turn into a hostile thing on both ends. Idk if it's the way I say heal me that makes her get annoyed or if it's Caitlin misinterpreting me, or something else, idk. All I know is that if Caitlin doesn't have a problem than there's no reason to continue this conversation on something that happened 4 days ago. I'm not mad at her, I don't hold any grudges, I don't think she's a bad healer. Like I said, it was a comparative thing and that's it. If she has something to say to me then that's fine, but at this point I'm not continuing this. I will see you later for the blackout beta and this will remain taboo. Have a good day.

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