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    Jan 15 in Euro Truck Simulator 2
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    Sever-ClearReckless Driving, Ramming.

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      Tronik_NNYou yourself break in many videos. exceeding the speed. And then as a girl you write re:laughing:ports

    • Sever-Clear's comment avatar

      Sever-Clear@Tronik_NN really? show me. comment on the video. ofc i speed of when im on line 2 noob. learn play. learn keep ur side of the road. learn watch mirror. that why you all ahve in game mirror to watch it. if is no mirror in game ? you all will say the game is shit.

    • Sever-Clear's comment avatar

      Sever-Clear@Tronik_NN he would not be banned if he keep on his road side. but when did a smart move,. that cost a ban. so easy. this is how happen in real life to, hit a car or truck , get suspended by police.

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