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    Jan 30 in Euro Truck Simulator 2
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    SWEHUNZsoltChat/CB Abuse

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      SWEHUNZsolt@julio_savaya Yes God loves only rich people!! people who have much money! house, lux car, etc.. poor people he dont give shit about them.

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      julio_savaya@SWEHUNZsolt "So listen to me, you who have knowledge. Far be it from God to do evil, and the Almighty to practice iniquity. He gives back to man according to what he did, and gives him what his conduct deserves. You can not even think may God do evil, that the Almighty pervert justice. ( Jó 34:12 )

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      SWEHUNZsolt@julio_savaya I was a B Cristian long time ago. Everything change. All Christian are bullshit. And liers. All want only fucking money all time in church. If I ask give me some money? They will give? Anser no. 2 when they take allt he money from people. They should give and donate fast to the poor people. They do so? No. Why? Everyone wanna take from fucking money to build house, villa, buys expensive cars etc. This is toe new world today 2019. I'm tiers of all fucking bullshit Christian who preaching about God. This are God people, idioti, retards, stealing Liars, make own life better and don't give shit a about poor people. People who are smart fighting with poor people at work, bullying then. Like I was bullying by fucking Albanien people. This LOVES GOD. And so on can say more, and more....

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