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    Feb 7 in #LUCIO
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    mandrick#LUCIO Is Broken (apparently) Montage - tried everything to resolve the two clips that "stick" @athlonmo @brohne @Saltyplays @K4mOnThen

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      mandrick@Saltyplays haha!

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      K4mOnThenThe 'where to' guide of holiday boop-age locations :joy: Great work. All my characters are broken, and not in a good way.

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      mandrick@K4mOnThen shame every game isn't like these fun ones where you aren't the focus of a widow, pharah or every junk trap ever thrown. Or if there isn't one visible you keep standing in them wherever they are, for him to turn up round the corner and mine you in the face! Or get frozen over and over! :D

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