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    May 24 in Apex Legends
    Apex Legends
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    BikoWTF? Bads Or Lag? LOL!

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      BikoSo we drop into a contested area, I notice one of my squad-mates is not moving with us (or at all), so I go to have a look. He's just standing there, assuming he was lagging or AFK'd. Then he starts taking bullets like a target dummy. I turn to see there's an enemy player standing literally right behind me. Not sure why he didn't attack me (maybe mistook me as a friendly squad-mate) but I was able to take him out quickly and revive my teammate.

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      heidiratiniNeed eyes in the back of your head for that game! Good save on squad mate.

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      z1refI hate this area everytime i drop my teammate seems to disappear in thin air and i have to 1v100 T_T

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