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    May 29 in Euro Truck Simulator 2
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    Sever-ClearTrolling on road with 30km/h

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      RealTrashHDwithout ban i do it too.. but okay safe travel for you.

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      Sever-Clear@RealTrashHD if you was with ur child, on that road, u did a big mistake ... you should go to other road safe and you would not be banned. im REC all time when play,for show my evidence that can prove to admins.

    • RealTrashHD's comment avatar

      RealTrashHDyeah its okay but what nobody can see in this clip, later i'm driving 50 and i ask the admin there if its okay. he only said the max speed and not the min, thats make me little bit angry. but now i know it for the next time.

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